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Paper Mache of Kashmir

Paper mache articles are made from paper pulp, and the process involves various levels of expert craftsmanship. At Prisma, we use mainly waste from our own products to make paper mache products. The art involves inclusion of natural dyes and numerous natural materials to enhance the mache.

The work involves finesse and each item is deftly painted with attention given to each detail and pattern. The artisan’s brushstroke is a work of art in itself.

The craft was originally known in Kashmir as Kar-iqalamdan, being confined to ornamentation of cases then used for keeping pens as well as some other small personal articles.

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Our Initiative To Preserve This Heritage

Empowering Artisans from Kashmir by helping them work in a stable environment.

Encouraging local artisans, especially unskilled men & women to learn/grow the art form 

Research and development team comprised of designers, artisans, paper experts to standardize processes for mass production & quality consistency

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